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Strategic Plan

Development of water transport to reduce logistics costs in Thailand. Reduce logistics costs = Increase GDP

  • One of the main factors affecting the GDP of Thailand is the export value.
  • Thailand is an export country. Therefore, the competitiveness of Thai entrepreneurs depends on the competitive cost.
  • Logistics costs are the primary component of the Thai industry and agriculture.
  • One of the reasons for the high cost of logistics is: The main use of road transport. And costs in the import and export process.
  • Reducing transportation costs will increase the competitiveness of manufacturers and exporters in Thailand.
  • water transport This can be done in large quantities at one time. This will reduce the cost of transportation in Thailand.
  • To support the improvement of logistics costs in Thailand. Having a berth We can ship goods within the country. And international shipping. And comprehensive services from government agencies such as customs and the Ministry of Agriculture in the docks. Is a major contributing factor.
  • Thailand was named. East Venice There are rivers and canals flowing through the cities. These rivers have been used as transportation arteries.
  • For the convenience and speed of transportation, Thailand has built roads. To replace water transport. The water transport is reduced and not developed to be equivalent to Western countries.Thailand’s water transportation has received little support from the government, despite the fact that every government, when defining the national development master plan for
  • Office of the National Economics and Social Development Board. This is all in the plan, because the development of water transport is like a gold rush. But it will have a long lasting effect. Politicians will not like it because they spend less.
  • So the government has pledged to build a road. There is no budget for Water Transport Mode.