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Usually, we can carry two containers on the same trailer. But today The Land Transport Ministry has announced a law allowing trailers to carry a maximum weight of 50.5 tonnes.Therefore, the cost of carrying containers from KSSP to ICD (LKB) to Bangsai. Resulting in higher costs. From this latent cost the diesel price in Thailand is rising up to nearly 30 baht per liter, and is likely to rise because we import diesel from all overseas. Opportunity to reduce diesel prices. So there is a very difficult chance.

The government has launched Highway 7 from Bangkok to full KSSP with a clear toll fee. It is one of the cost of land transportation. The time allowed for the trailer to run in Bangkok and its vicinity. The days are squeezed every moment, so going. Therefore, picking up the container at the ICD Latkrabang and returning the container in time, there is a risk of demurrage charge. And that is another important latent cost uncontrollable.


Transportation Management Services

Managing transportation is sensitive, essential and time consuming.

With decades of experience in logistics and transportation services as well as having a global network and advance technology solution and experienced staff. O.P.k.Global logistics can be trusted your outsourced transportation partner.

Highlights :

  • Network design and optimization solution for better, smarter supply chain decisions.
  • Complete management of multi modal transportation.
  • Multi modal carrier management.
  • Ocean, land, rail and air capabilities.
  • Convenience of single contact.
  • Manage entire supply chain from desktop with superior shipping data visibility compatible with any platforms.