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Container Barge? Our logistics services include comprehensive logistics services through the selection of inland waterways transport.

O.P.K.Global Logistics specializes in the management of transportation. Because of the low cost of shipping, transportation is popular means of transport. The largest port in Thailand is using for containers in transporting shipments. With the large vessels, they can contain 40% of transporting volume.

Cost : Barge shipping is reliable and cost effective in where cargoes transported through and link directly to the main port and warehouse.

Planning : Due to the reduction of warehouse planning, it is important for our customers to have more time-controlled and when the container is called out of shipment to local transportation or local water.

Intrusion Prevention : One of the best ways to reduce or eliminate trance in the main port is to move the container out of the main port of arrival storage and depot, including custody in the river and canal in the country which is often cheaper than temporary interruptions.

Avoid : traffic congestion on the road: The infrastructure of roads from deep seaports is intensifying. Using shipping will help customers avoid this problem.

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